Introducing Preciser

Data Management System

Allow anyone in the sports organization to answer their data questions using plain English.

Manage and Organize Data

All-in-one data platform that empowers sports organizations to visualize key performance metrics through simplified data management and analysis.

Manage and organize data
Analyze and maximize data

Analyze and Maximize Data

We use OpenAI and language models to provide self-serve power analytics, enabling you to ask pain questions and get automated insights in real-time. Through our system, you can make data-driven decisions more effectively, and increase opportunities for fan engagement.

Take Control of Historical Stats

Empower you to gain complete control over your historical statistics and also enable you to easily access and analyze historical data, allowing you to identify trends that can gain a competitive edge and make strategic decisions that drive success on and off the field.

Take control of historical stats

Case Studies

Real Business Stories

ESPN for All Events
Youth Basketball Events and Tournaments

Different high school tournaments and events integrates with Preciser to boost engagement with parents, players, events operators and college coaches.