Preciser DMS

Introducing Preciser

Data Management
System (DMS)

Empower sports organizations at every level—professional, collegiate, high school, and event-based—with our cutting-edge analytics platform. Streamline your analytics process and make sports data more efficient and accessible, driving performance and success like never before.

Transfrom Video to Stats

Transform Video to Data with InstaStats

AI-powered Stats Tracking and Highlights — Use AI to convert your recorded game footage into statistical data that elevates your game.


All-in-one Data Management Platform

Empower sports organizations to visualize key performance metrics with our streamlined data management and analysis platform. Seamlessly integrate multiple data sources into a single, unified hub, enabling efficient management of all communications and operations. Experience the power of consolidated insights and elevate your team's performance with ease.

Manage and organize data
AI Advanced Search

AI Advanced Search

Beyond streamlining data management, our platform supercharges the analytics process, delivering real-time insights at lightning speed. Make informed decisions quickly and confidently, leveraging instant access to critical data. Elevate your strategy and performance with unparalleled efficiency.

Customizable Dashboards and Reports

To further empower decision-making, our platform features customizable dashboards and reports that bring key metrics and KPIs to life. Visualize performance trends and monitor goal progress effortlessly, gaining deep insights that drive strategic decisions with precision and clarity.

Analyze and maximize data

Streamline Workflows and Become Source of Truth

Empower yourself with complete control over your historical statistics and effortless access to in-depth historical data analysis. Identify critical trends to gain a competitive edge and make decisive, game-changing strategies both on and off the field. Transform insights into actions that drive unparalleled success and achievement.

Case Studies

Real Business Stories

ESPN for All Events
Youth Basketball Events and Tournaments

Different high school tournaments and events integrates with Preciser to boost engagement with parents, players, events operators and college coaches.