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Through our innovative use of APIs, we are able to provide real-time data feed and visualizations that sync seamlessly with media to allow your fans to engage with the game in different exciting ways.

Live Win Probabilities

Our predictive data feed allows for zero-delay data to be delivered via live broadcast, in-app, or platform enhancements. The use of live pre-game and in-game win rates is a game-changer in enhancing fan engagement. You can offer fans a more immersive and interactive experience.

Live win probabilities
Next play predictions

Next Play Predictions

We utilize AI and machine learning to provide fans with real-time insights and predictions about what will happen next in the game. The integration of Next Play Predictions represents an exciting development in the use of AI and machine learning in sports, and is sure to enhance the excitement and engagement of fans around the world.

Real-Time Visualizations

Real-time visualizations provide fans with up-to-the-minute information. By offering real-time data insights, you can enhance your sports broadcasts and platforms and also keep fans engaged and informed throughout the game, driving success on and off the field.

Real-time visualizations