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Intelligent sports data analytics platform to streamline the analytics process and make sports analytics more efficient and accessible across the sports organization.

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Data Management System
Data Management System

A smarter way to automate data entry and processing and simplify the analytics process.

Preciser APIs
Preciser APIs for Business

Integrate Preciser directly into your platform, streaming and media with our APIs.


Intelligent Data
Analytics Platform

One of the key features of our platform is to convert video footage into statistical data. We integrate multiple data sources into one single platform, allowing you to efficiently manage all operations in one place. In addition to streamlining data management, our platform also accelerates the analytics process to help access real-time insights, enabling you to make informed decisions quickly. To further enhance decision-making capabilities, our platform offers customizable dashboards and reports. You can easily visualize key metrics and KPIs, allowing them to track performance and monitor progress towards your goals.

Easy Data Management

Introducing Preciser APIs

Introducing Preciser APIs

In sports organizations, engaging fans is a top priority. Our AI-based solutions take fan experiences to the next level through captivating data visualizations. Whether it's live statistical updates during matches or interactive dashboards highlighting player performance trends, we turn spectators into active participants, creating a deeper connection with the sport.


Key Results Achieved

Save time and reduce cost to increase efficiency and also enhance fan engagement and live viewing experience

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Time saved a week on data processing, cleaning and transforming

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Multiple data sources integrates into a single and unified platform

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Enhance fan engagement and maximize social media engagement

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ESPN for All Events
Youth Basketball Events and Tournaments

Different high school tournaments and events integrates with Preciser to boost engagement with parents, players, events operators and college coaches.


At Preciser, our mission is to help unleash the potential of every sports organizations. Through our analytics and management platform, sports organizations can seamlessly leverage their data for internal operations, betting and media use.