Say Hello to Preciser’s New Data Management System! The Best Tool to help you grow with data!

Preciser helps companies manage, analyze, and visualize their sports data in real time.

Say Hello to Preciser’s New Data Management System! The Best Tool to help you grow with data!

Why choose Preciser Data Management System?

Preciser helps companies manage, analyze, and visualize their sports data with AI in one place. We seamlessly integrate with diverse data sources, orchestrating the automated procession of data into our sports data management system. The synergy of our platform and APIs empowers businesses to streamline sports data, fostering enhancements in player performance, strategic planning, reporting, and the realm of sports analytics.

Automating data entry and processing

AI Videos to Stats/Play Diagrams — Use AI to convert video footage into statistical data.

All-in-one Data Management Platform

Empower sports organizations to visualize key performance metrics through simplified data management and analysis. We integrate multiple data sources into one single and unified platform, allowing organizations to efficiently manage all communications and operations in one place.

Organize and Analyze with our Data Management System
Accelerate the Analytics Process

In addition to streamlining data management, our platform also accelerates the analytics process to help access real-time insights, enabling them to make informed decisions quickly. To further enhance decision-making capabilities, our platform offers customizable dashboards and reports. Users can easily visualize key metrics and KPIs, allowing them to track performance and monitor progress towards their goals.

Team Stats Information
Streamline Workflows and Become Source of Truth

Empower you to gain complete control over your historical statistics and also enable you to easily access and analyze historical data, allowing them to identify trends that can gain a competitive edge and make strategic decisions that drive success on and off the field.

What is Preciser?

Preciser emerges as the Mixpanel equivalent in the sports arena. We epitomize an all-encompassing AI-driven SaaS platform, empowering sports leagues and teams to simplify the labyrinth of data management and analysis. Over 40,000 teams actively seek sports analytics tools to metamorphose raw data into actionable insights. Currently, coaches, managers, and analysts find themselves dedicating 80% of their time manually processing and transforming data in platforms like Excel and Google Sheets. This inefficiency hampers productivity within organizations. Our exclusive platform seamlessly integrates and centralizes all data sources, thereby enabling organizations to effectively manage communications and operations from a singular vantage point. With Preciser, AI-driven advanced searches and automated reports swiftly generate insights and reports within seconds, obviating the necessity for an internal team of 5+ engineers. Our system facilitates more effective data-driven decision-making, enhancing opportunities for fan engagement, ticket and merchandise sales, and sponsorship and ad revenues. Positioned as the go-to solution for sports organizations, our vision extends to unlocking the media and sports betting market for our customers in the future—a potential $208 billion opportunity.